Alhambra California Nightlife

From driving through Sonoma's sequoia trees to caves that line the Southland, California is a place brimming with exciting things to do, see and eat. From nightclubs to taverns, lounges to casual bars, San Pedro has more than its fair share to offer to locals who want to have a great time. It's all about music, with a mix of hip hop, rock, reggae, country, hip hop and more.

The dance studio that became a nightclub also highlights the more compelling L.A. DJ, who is open to all forms of Latin music. Want to hear. On Friday and Saturday evenings, the celebrants can move their bodies to Latin American music in all its forms, including salsa, reggaeton and cumbia. Dance music in the Rumba Room varies, but most evenings are themed, from salsa nights to mainstream pop nights. With high-octane music reaching 200 beats per minute, salsa dance remains the preferred shake routine, and other forms will follow.

Club Bahia presents live entertainment featuring singers and musicians in Latin American musical styles, including Norteno and Bachata. The theme parties include a star-studded party with Hollywood stars, and a touring DJ regularly comes by as a special guest. Granada LA hosts a variety of live music, from Elton John to Tito Ortiz, but the illustrious line-up is also welcomed by local bands such as the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra and the LA Symphony.

Expect to see the likes of Elton John, David Bowie, Beyonce, Katy Perry and others and book a ticket to one of the special events in Granada LA, such as the Hollywood Bowl.

The Alhambra California Nightlife in Granada, LA, from October 5 to October 6, 2015 and November 1 to November 2, 2016.

We all know that San Pedro is a great place to hang out, have a good drink, rest and enjoy an evening anywhere, but what about a venue that floats right on the Sacramento River? Casual and relaxing, Auggie's Tavern on South Pacific Avenue is the place to go if you want to put your efforts aside and drink in peace. The South Pacific Street bar serves Mardi Gras-style cocktails, while guests can dine outside in the courtyard and listen to live music. This is one of the great places to chill out late into the night and know that you're in a nightlife that happens to have the best drinks in the area.

The bar is steeped in a sense of time, in which people from all walks of life mingle in slightly intoxicated harmony.

Harvelle plays in an old live music venue on the Westside with acrobatic, underwear-clad dancers who, let's face it, never go out of style. He plays it with a mixture of hip-hop, soul and funk, as well as a bit of old school rock'n "roll, but with an emphasis on acrobatics.

Sassafrass Saloon is a Southern themed bar with live music on the second floor balcony and a full bar in the basement.

This bar is owned and operated by the LA-based nightlife consortium Alhambra California Nightlife, LLC. Over the last 40 years, the company has grown into one of the largest and most successful private spirits companies in the world. They have the best testing equipment to confirm the quality of their products, as well as the highest quality and service standards.

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There are a number of clubs and bars popular with Latino party guests in San Antonio, California, USA (California). If you don't know the Hollywood clubs that we're told are your favorite destinations, you can socialize here.

More About Alhambra

More About Alhambra