Alhambra California Homewood Suites

Aliso Viejo Hotel, a successful master-planned community developed by Shea Properties and Shea Homes, is celebrating the opening of a 129-room hotel on the corner of Aliso Viejon and Vantis Drives. The hotel joins the successful development of V antison, which consists of existing condominiums and townhouses, as well as residential and work units offering street-level retail, with more to come in the form of apartments, retail and office space.

Developed by Stonebridge Companies, the Hilton-flagged hotel will be operated as Homewood Suites by the hotel's parent company, Aliso Viejo Hotel Group, Inc., and will be known as HomEWoodSuites for the first time under the Hilton flag.

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Shea Apartment Communities is a leading owner and operator of exceptional apartment sharing that provides award-winning customer service. Our diverse real estate portfolio includes the Shea Extended Apartments in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, as well as a number of other properties in the Bay Area. As someone who has stayed at this hotel before, I am here to tell you this and others who like it.

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More About Alhambra

More About Alhambra